Jewelry Care Instructions & Best Practices

With the proper care, your Baker & Black jewels will last generations. Jewelry, especially rings, should be removed during activities in which your jewels may incur impact. Such activities include (but are not limited to!): sleeping, showering, exercising, practicing yoga, swimming and household chores. Chemicals used while cleaning and even chlorinated water in pools can damage stones and pit metals. The oils found in makeup and perfume can discolor pearls and certain gemstones, so it is best to put on jewels after applying beauty products.

Even with proper care, it is not uncommon for well-loved jewels to require occasional maintenance. Any jewels set with gems, especially rings, should have their settings occasionally checked by a professional every six to twelve months, depending on lifestyle.  Settings may be checked more often at home by holding the ring up to your ear and gently tapping the shank. If you hear a clinking sound (similar to a broken light bulb), please discontinue wear and return to Baker & Black for repair. For rings worn daily, check settings once a month. Always clean your ring before examining its settings. Dust and grime may be lodged in your setting, preventing you from identifying loose gems. 

Most jewels may be cleaned with mild dish soap and lukewarm water. Soak your jewel for one to two minutes in a soapy solution and then brush gently underneath and around settings with a child’s toothbrush. Rinse with water over a closed sink. Store bought jewelry cleaners are typically designed for diamond jewelry and are inappropriate for all other gemstones. 

We strongly encourage insuring jewelry purchases and maintaining an inventory of your collection, including photographs. 

If you have any questions or require a repair, please never hesitate to contact us at