Baker & Black

Bold and glamorous, Baker & Black’s jewels have a retro vibe while looking like nothing that came before.


Baker & Black is a modern fine jewelry house committed to creating bold, original jewels of the highest caliber. We emphasize craftsmanship and originality, making jewelry worthy of passing down. With her background in antique jewelry, designer Megan Baker is just as interested in a jewel’s appeal 100 years from now as its allure today.

Baker & Black jewels are crafted in New York City using 18 karat gold and fine gemstones. We are dedicated to social and environmental responsibility within the greater jewelry community. Megan is committed to the preservation of this beautiful Earth, her greatest resource and ultimate inspiration. We use recycled gold with few exceptions, and strive to always make educated and responsible sourcing decisions. All diamonds are compliant with the Kimberley Process and we make every attempt to use post-consumer diamonds whenever possible, including many antique cuts.

Megan Baker—Creative Director & Founder

Megan conceives, designs, and carefully oversees production of all Baker & Black jewels. She started her career working in antique jewelry and found herself impressed by the expert craftsmanship and the veritable rainbow of gemstones she came across. She ventured to marry her unconventional aesthetic with the inventive techniques and mastery she discovered working with antique jewels. As a result, color, quality and ingenuity have become Baker & Black’s hallmarks.

Megan was raised in the suburbs of Chicago but prefers to spend her time in the cacophony of NYC or the middle of nowhere. A woman of contradictions, she loves hustling in NYC’s chaotic Diamond District almost as much as navigating canyon hikes. Her designs likewise defy definition, simultaneously retro and futuristic, fierce but playful, bold yet whimsical. She encourages her clientele to similarly resist categorization and cultivate their own style, whether it be daring, subdued, or a little of both.



Paris Mavroidis—Chief Financial Officer and Digital Director

Born in Athens, Paris (mavro means black in Greek) grew up across Europe, learning four languages before Megan acquired a passport. With a BSc in Computer Science from Brown University and an MFA in Digital Arts and Animation from Pratt Institute, he brings a unique mix of skills to the company. He uses his technical wizardry, creative gifts, and meticulous attention to detail to give the company shape and structure.