Baker & Black

Bold and glamorous, Baker & Black’s jewels have a retro vibe while looking like nothing that came before.


Meg & Paris

Partners in life and business, Megan Baker and Paris Mavroidis minted Baker & Black, a modern American fine jewelry house, in 2013.

All Baker & Black jewels are produced in New York City. Meg and Paris live in Brooklyn.

Megan—Creative Director

Megan was raised in the suburbs of Chicago but prefers to spend her time in the cacophony of NYC or the middle of nowhere. A woman of contradictions, she loves hustling in NYC’s chaotic Diamond District almost as much as navigating canyon hikes. Her designs likewise defy definition, simultaneously retro and futuristic, fierce but playful, bold yet whimsical. She encourages her clientele to similarly resist categorization and cultivate their own style, whether it be daring, subdued, or both.

Megan conceives, designs and carefully oversees production of all Baker & Black jewels. She started her career working in antique jewelry and found herself impressed by the expert craftsmanship and the veritable rainbow of gemstones she came across. She ventured to marry her unconventional aesthetic with the inventive techniques and mastery she discovered working with antique jewels. As a result, color, quality and ingenuity have become Baker & Black’s hallmark.



Paris—CEO, CFO, web designer, tech support, all around good guy

Originally from Athens, Paris bounced around Europe before landing stateside to attend Brown University. Mavro means 'black' in Greek in case you were wondering where that came from.